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Chai Hug Mug

Prana Chai North America



Wrap your hands around your favorite cuppa with one of these Robert Gordon hug mugs made. These hug mugs are perfect for a brew of Prana Chai, with their open style tantalizingly releasing the spicy aroma of your chai before you’ve even taken a sip. 

The handle-free, cacao-bean shape for these exclusive chai mugs makes them great for keeping your hands toasty while you drink. Perfect for a warm brew on a cold day. 

The design - influenced by Australia’s cafe culture - is stylish, functional and smooth. The ideal partner for our chai, don’t you think? 

We only want the best for our chai devotees, which is why we approached Melbourne-based pottery business Robert Gordon for a collaboration. 

With more than 60 years of pottery heritage and three generations of potters in the family, Robert Gordon doesn’t compromise on quality. Their high fired, durable stoneware is exactly what we wanted for our exclusive mugs. Plus, they are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

This is a warm and cosy treat on a chill winter’s day. Indulge yourself with a stylish Robert Gordon mug or pick up a Prana Chai Starter Box complete with everything you need for a sumptuous brew.