Chai 101 - The Best Way to Make Prana Chai At Home

You’ve got yourself a big bag of Prana Chai and you’re all ready to start inhaling those delectable flavors.

But how do you make a homemade chai that’s exactly like your favorite cafe brew? Better yet, how do you top it?

Although there are many ways to concoct your favorite cuppa, we have two preferred methods. But first, you need to know exactly what to put into your chai.


Everything you’d ever want to make a heavenly brew. In our Prana Chai Original Masala Blend, for example, there’s 100% black Ceylon tea, cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorn, ginger, star anise, cloves, salt, and Australian Bushland honey.

If you’re vegan or diabetic, you needn’t miss out. Pick up a bag of our Vegan Blend instead. It replaces honey with agave syrup, giving it a lower GI and a slightly sweeter flavor.

Of course, you can also mix up your chai by adding further ingredients. Our Turmeric Blend is a warming drink for cooler nights while the Peppermint Blend adds a great refreshing bite on warm days.


Aside from a bag of Prana Chai, you’ll need your preferred milk. We find dairy overpowers the subtle layers of the different spices - earthy and nut-based alternative milks are the perfect accompaniment. And don’t forget a little extra sweetener if you like your chai sweet.


We cover the art of making a chai in two separate ways so you can follow the method that best suits you. Grab all the equipment you need with one of our easy Prana Chai Starter Boxes, complete with stove top pot, strainer, and mug.


  1. Grab a quality Turkish teapot or small saucepan (preferably with a spout).
  2. Toss two heaped teaspoons (that’s 20-25g) of your favorite Prana Chai blend into the pot.
  3. Add any extra sweetener to taste (we love to stick with honey).
  4. Pour in your preferred milk - soy milk and almond milk make great alternatives to dairy options.
  5. Pop the teapot on the stove and heat to a good temperature - but don’t let it boil out the leaves and spices. Heat until hot or close to simmering. It can take two to three minutes.
  6. Put aside and wait till the leaves open in the pot. Leave it any longer and your brew may be stronger and bitter.
  7. Strain the brew into a mug or a fresh teapot if you’re sharing with friends.
  8. Bottoms up!


  1. Get yourself a good milk pitcher.
  2. Toss in two heaped teaspoons of your favorite Prana Chai blend.
  3. Add more honey or sugar if you like it sweet.
  4. Cover the chai with some boiling water. Put it aside for two minutes to allow the flavors in the honey and spices to activate.
  5. While they’re infusing, heat your preferred milk up to about 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit with the steam wand. Prepare the milk very flat, without any bubbles if possible. It will make the infusion more efficient.
  6. Add your milk to the rest of the mixture. You can also pour the milk directly into the jug and steam it, blend and all.
  7. Pour into a cup covered with a strainer and enjoy one irresistible cuppa.



Cold brew drinks are brewing up a tropical storm at the moment and there’s no reason chai devotees can’t get in on the action for those hot summer days.

Masala chai makes a killer iced tea - especially when combined with the refreshing zing of peppermint. And with our cold brew kit, we provide everything you need to whip it up in a snap. Simply:

  1. Fill up the strainer with Prana Chai (we recommend you try the Peppermint Blend).
  2. Fill the glass chai flask with milk. As always, we prefer soy, oat and nut-based milks.
  3. Replace the lid and place your flask in the fridge to brew overnight.

That's really all there is to it.


Now that you’ve concocted an amazing chai, you’re never going to need to visit a cafe again. In fact, all your friends will find excuses to head to yours. So it might be time to pick up a second bag of chai (or even a third). Top up your supplies with our range of Prana Chai blends today!