Vegan Coconut Chai

Vegan Coconut Chai

This recipe is from Nik from Skinnymixers. Skinnymixers is an active blog,Facebook group andFacebook page, dedicated to sharing healthy thermal cooking recipes and discussing diet and lifestyle choices. Her Facebook group has over 170,000 members and is one of the largest and most active healthy recipe and lifestyle groups. 

Nik says:

Prana Chaiuses beautiful whole spices, tea and Australian honey. They also make it by hand every morning in their cafe, without the use of machines, additives or preservatives – so you know what you are drinking is truly good for your body and mind. It’s the first ‘wet chai’ I have tried, and I honestly can no longer be willfully ignorant. It’s lucky for me that there are so manyawesome cafes across Australia already servingPrana Chai!


  • 20gPrana Chai
  • 150g coconut milk
  • 100g water
  • pinch of vanilla bean powder (optional)


  1. Add all ingredients to mixer bowl, cook for five minutes at 90°C, on a speed setting of 1, with MC ‘off’.
  2. Strain using a fine tea-strainer or nut milk bag. Serve immediately.

Note: Instead of using coconut milk, you can use 250g (or 8.8 oz) cows’ milk if you prefer.