Only The Good Staff – Mario Minichilli

mario minichilli prana chai korea

Hi Mario!

One of the founders of Prana Chai, Mario, was recently in Seoul for the first time. We caught up with him to hear all about his experiences in the city and of the Seoul Cafe Show 2019.

  1.  What was your first impression of Seoul? 

I was at first surprised by the size of Seoul but at the same time the calm energy in the air. The two things didn’t seem to match! I loved how it made me feel.

  1. What stood out the most to you about Korean people or the culture?

I must say the feeling of safety I had. I’m not sure why but I was hyper-aware that whatever time of day it was and wherever I was. I felt noticeably safe!

Also, I loved the respect they have for each other and the generous and the positive nature I encountered in so many of the people I met.

  1. What was the most unexpected thing about your experience in Korea? 

I didn’t expect it to be so organised and so well run. Most big cities have an energy of chaos, but I felt like seoul ran like a well oiled machine!

  1. How would you describe Seoul in one word? 


I was so impressed with the food.