Only The Good Staff – Megan Grehan

megan prana chai

Meet Prana Chai's Global Sales Director.

Hi Megan!

1. Regarding your journey with Prana Chai - what's your first experience of the Prana Chai team and what are you the most excited about?

My first experience with the team as a whole was in March 2019 when the global Prana Chai sales family travelled to Melbourne from around the globe. We all worked together sharing ideas and stories that will help us share the fantastic product that is Prana Chai. Prana Chai is at an exciting stage in its life. It has matured from ‘new kid on the block’ to market leader. I'm excited about building the team with new members and introducing Prana Chai into new regions across the globe. Everyone has a great sense of pride in what they do here at Prana Chai and I'm excited to help bring that to new places.

2. If you could describe the Prana Chai team in one word?


3. What is your wildest dream?

To be an amazing singer. Not even a famous one, but just a really really good singer. FYI I'm terrible.

4. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years my girls will be a 17 year old and a 15 year old. I think I'll be staying up late a lot (drinking The Good Stuff) while waiting for a phone call to come and pick them up from somewhere, and I won't mind a bit! I'll also be continuing to work my way through my husband’s extensive wine collection, I will have gone to plenty more amazing restaurants, and I will have added to my collection of programmes from the stage shows and concerts I've been to. Hopefully, I will have travelled to more countries like Greece or Croatia and will have shown my daughters some different parts of the world with my husband Chris.

5. What is your favourite cafe in Melbourne and why? What's your choice of coffee?

At the moment it has to be Battle in Blackburn North - great coffee, great service. Ben, the owner, is a local and he looks after his customers and his neighbouring businesses. The fit out is clean, cosy and there are power points to connect the computer as well as wifi (this is a must for me now while I work out and about). I also love The Little Woodpecker, again in Blackburn North. I love going there to catch up with the school mums for coffee and I highly recommend the ‘Robin’ dish. Tanya makes you feel at home there.

I'm a skinny latte girl and I love a good espresso martini!

6. If you could travel a city or a country tomorrow, where would that be and why?

I would go to New York with my girlfriends. I've been before in winter and would love to go to experience spring or summer. I want to go and see stage show after stage show, check out some cool bars like Atta Boy by Michael McIlroy andSam Ross, maybe take a Soul Cycle class (this would be hilarious), and check out some great places to go dancing in Soho or the Meatpacking District. I'd love to see a gospel choir as well.